Tariq: Yoo.

Jayden: Yoo fam whats good.

Tariq: Nutten much gg how you been long time no see.

Jayden: Long long long long time like 2 years!

Tariq: Yeah foreal mayn hows life?

Jayden: good good.

Tariq: say nutten say nutten see u later.

jayden: kool gimme your number.

Tariq: kool here.

jayden: say nutten see you later.



There are feature’s in this text that give information on who they are, how they speak and what part of the country they come from. For example the word ‘fam’ is an abbreviation for the word family. So in this text the boys that are speaking to each other are close like family.

That is one feature of this text, another example is the feature of

where the person comes from. ‘See you later’ This statement often occur around the area of south London. So this would mean the characters in this text are from south London!


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Hey Tariq yours always on time, because ive seen your attendence report.Very good Very Very good. 100%;)

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My name  is Tariq Cole I am 14 years old  I go to The London Nautical School. My sporting experience is very colorful from ballet to fencing to football to swimming. over the next couple weeks i am going ti improve my muscular strength.